Friday, February 19, 2010

I can't tell Roy he is wrong....

Roy Tennant tweeted that he wanted to be told he is wrong. I took the bait and read his blog post "RDA Adds Complexity to MARC" here (Yes I used the full url and not a or a tiny.url!)

It is a short read but clear and thoughtful - as Roy always is - and though I hate be thought of as "a spoiler" his last paragraph is to the point and I just can't say he is wrong:

"I wish I had more confidence than I do in our bibliographic future. I really wish that I could believe that this represents a systemic, clean break from our past and a firm move into really machine-ready data. And I really, really wish I could feel inspired about this change, instead of skeptical, and fearful, and disappointed at what increasingly looks like a missed opportunity. Please convince me I am wrong. I really, really want to be wrong."